Serving You

For over 40 years

Florida Retirement Consultants (FRC) has practiced its belief that the best way to conduct business is by establishing long-term relationships with the advisors and plan sponsors it serves. As a result, we are committed to superior customer service and personalized attention. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all strategy. And when we tell our advisors and clients we can do something, we do it.

We are in the business of providing retirement plan solutions

designed to fit the unique needs of our advisor partners and their clients. We’re flexible enough that each solution can be tailored to accommodate each advisors specific areas of expertise. We provide a dedicated administrator to serve each advisor and client relationship, and you’ll have access to our entire team when the need arises.









Busy financial advisors require efficient and accurate service to support and grow their retirement practice.

FRC can be that kind of partner, always looking out for you and your clients’ best interests. A well designed retirement plan is an essential part of a competitive benefits package that can help your clients attract and retain top talent. It is also a critical tax planning tool.

We want to be the provider you rely on consistently.

We offer the kind of service you need to make your job easier. From plan design to implementation and administration, we can guide and help you every step of the way. Working with FRC means you’ll always have a partner in your corner.

By listening to the concerns of our mutual clients, we will provide you with reasonable solutions that will get the job done.

Find comfort in our history of performance.

Plan Sponsors


We specialize in retirement plans.

In fact, that’s all we do. Our retirement plan solutions are designed to help organizations provide meaningful benefits to their employees while supporting their business strategies and complying with government regulatory requirements. We focus on offering the highest level of value and expertise in each relationship and always place our clients interests first. We offer a highly consultative approach to retirement plan management and give you the benefit of over 40 years of industry knowledge and insight in designing retirement programs.

When it comes to plan administration, we don’t just deliver reports, we deliver information and then engage in conversation.

We want to talk with you about the best options for your business. In our years of service, we’ve earned the confidence and trust of our clients by offering them a partnership that supports their business and helps them achieve their goals. 

Our retirement plan services are extensive.

Our team of credentialed professionals are dedicated to servicing your plan. The following is a sampling of the services we can offer you:

Tailored plan design and consulting

Plan Documents and Amendments

Plan Operation Support

Administration and Compliance Testing

Government Forms

And more

Plan Design


Our 40 years of experience serving plan advisors and plan sponsors has given us the deep understanding needed to manage the intricacies of building the best retirement program to help our clients achieve their goals. We are here to help you navigate what can be a complex, frequently changing and demanding path.


Because no two businesses are the same.

We offer virtually every type of benefit plan currently available. To help chose the right plan for you, we will analyze your objectives and design a plan that will meet them. And we’ll make sure you understand your options throughout the process.

While getting the initial plan design right is critical, it is equally important to ensure your plan meets the evolving needs of your growing business. At FRC, we make a point to be available to you on an ongoing basis as well as contact you at least once a year to discuss with you your business and how your retirement plan is supporting your changing business and workforce. We’ll suggest and implement changes to your plan as your needs and goals change—never losing sight of our mutual goal—ensuring your plan works for you and your employees over the long haul. 

Though every business is unique and every good retirement plan must reflect the needs and objectives of the sponsoring employer.

It is also true that all plans share some similarities, some key components that help each plan operate properly and efficiently. These components include plan documents, recordkeeping activities, investment advice, plan compliance and ongoing consulting. While FRC does not provide recordkeeping or investment advisory services, we will work with our advisor partners or your existing provider to help create a comprehensive retirement plan solution.

In short, we don’t presume advisors or plan sponsors know everything about retirement plans―and we don’t expect them to. You can simplify your role in the retirement plan administration process by taking advantage of our expertise.

We invite you to benefit from the experience of our tested and trusted professionals.



After installation, a retirement plan requires ongoing supervision.

To accomplish this, we will assign a dedicated administrator and an experienced client services team to your plan. This team of experts will tailor their activities to match your needs, working to be as involved as you need them to be.

FRC can simplify your workflow by managing the paperwork associated with a well-run retirement plan. We pledge to deliver not only what is required but also what your business needs to fully benefit from sponsoring a qualified retirement plan.

In addition to managing your retirement plan, FRC offers a suite of services designed to educate plan participants about their retirement plan options and benefits. Additionally, we will assist and support your plan’s investment holder or financial advisors throughout the year.

FRC administrative services include, but are not limited to:

Providing support with day-to-day retirement plan administration duties

Assisting with inquiries from plan sponsor, participants, financial advisor, other partners

Supporting participant inquiries (plan rules, vesting, distributions, loans, etc.)

Directing the distribution and loan process, including mandatory distributions

Determining eligibility for plan participation

Determining highly compensated and key employees

Comprehensive compliance testing

Calculating participant vested benefits

Performing trust accounting

Preparing benefit and/or account statements for participants

Preparing Summary Annual Report or Annual Funding Notice

Providing assistance with annual CPA audit requirement

Preparing the annual governmental forms, including Form 5500 and related schedules

Florida Retirement Consultants’ plan administration is…


Document Maintenance Service


All tax-qualified retirement plans are required by the IRS to have a written plan document. In the case of a pre-approved plan such as those FRC utilizes, the IRS has already reviewed its features and determined that it meets the requirements for tax qualification. As a result, we can provide our clients with a lower cost plan document and quicker implementation than offered through a custom drafted plan.

But there is still work to do to remain compliant after the initial document is completed and our unique Document Management Service can help reduce your time and cost to do so.


What is a Remedial Amendment Cycle?

  • Required every 6 years for pre-approved plan documents
  • Incorporate and reflect all regulatory and employer requested changes (a restatement)

Is Restatement Required?

  • Technically no
  • However, restatement guarantees plan protection from inadvertent non-compliant provisions
  • Saves from potential loss of tax benefits for employers and participants

Our Document Management Services include:

  • Tracking all IRS regulatory and employer requested changes through constant vigilance
  • Managing the cost over the entire cycle versus a one-time large fee
  • Keeping your retirement plan in compliance

FRC offers DEDICATION. DELIVERED! through our Document Maintenance Service.

Plans We Support


Florida Retirement Consultants (FRC) specializes in customized design, efficient implementation and expert administration of qualified retirement plans. We help you understand the important considerations involved in establishing a total retirement program for your business and your employees. We draft all necessary plan documents and forms and complete all the required steps to secure Internal Revenue Service (IRS) qualification for your plan. We invite you to partner with us to build a customized retirement plan solution to support your business goals.

FRC designs and administers a wide array of retirement plan solutions based on the unique and specific business needs of each client, including:

401(k), including Roth & Safe Harbor

A 401(k) plan is a defined contribution (DC) plan, typically a profit sharing plan that contains a cash or deferred arrangement as described in section 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code. A cash or deferred arrangement is simply one that allows plan participants to elect to defer a portion of compensation—their elective deferrals—and have it contributed to the plan on their behalf, typically through payroll withholding.

The employer may contribute to the plan by matching all, or a portion, of the elective deferrals or by making non-elective, or profit sharing, contributions to all eligible participants.

401(k) Plans are ideal for:

  • Employers who are initiating a plan due to employee demand.
  • Employers wishing to maximize contributions.
  • Employers wishing for discretionary contributions.
Defined Benefit

A Defined Benefit Plan (DB) is considered a traditional pension plan because it guarantees a monthly pension benefit for the life of the participant. A DB plan does not maintain account balances to reflect the accrued benefit of each participant, but must define a benefit formula that specifies how the benefits are accrued under that formula. This type of plan favors older employees with longer terms of service.

Defined Benefit Plans are ideal for:

  • Employers who are older and have longer service than other employees.
  • Employers wishing to maximize contributions.
  • Employers with substantial financial resources.
  • Employers with stable income.
Cash Balance

A Cash Balance Plan is a type of Defined Benefit Plan. By taking advantage of age and salary differences, a Cash Balance Plan tilts the contributions toward a desired employee or group of employees. Unlike a traditional Defined Benefit Plan however, a Cash Balance Plan provides a “hypothetical” account balance for the participants which accrues interest at a pre-defined government rate.

Cash Balance Plans are ideal for:

  • Employers who are older than some of the staff employees.
  • Employers desiring larger contributions for certain classes of employees.
  • Employers with substantial financial resources.
  • Employers with stable income.
Money Purchase

A Money Purchase plan is a defined contribution plan that is similar to a Profit Sharing plan except that the contribution amounts are fixed rather than variable. Thus, employers are required to make a contribution to the plan each year for the plan participants regardless of the company’s profitability for the year.

Money Purchase Plans are ideal for:

  • Employers with substantial financial resources.
  • Employers with stable income.

A Cross Tested plan is a hybrid plan that combines features of both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plan generally to skew the employer contributions in favor of the older, higher paid employees. These plans provide the ability to create multiple benefit levels and are flexible in their contributions.

Cross-Tested Plans are ideal for:

  • Employers who are older than some employees.
  • Employers desiring larger contributions for themselves and possibly other key employees.
  • Employers desiring flexible contributions.
ERISA 403(b)

A 403(b) plan (also called a tax-sheltered annuity or TSA plan) is a retirement plan offered by public schools and certain 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations. Employees save for retirement by contributing to individual accounts. Employers can also contribute to employees’ accounts.

403(b) plans are ideal for:

  • Organizations who wish to offer flexibility in contributions.
  • Organizations who wish to allow their employees to defer some of their salary, but may not wish to make employer contributions.
PEO / Multiple Employer Plans

Multiple-employer plans (MEPs) represent a way for employers that cannot afford—or don’t want to pay—the costs of administration, investments oversight and fiduciary responsibilities of a pension plan or 401(k) plan for their employees to receive such benefits in conjunction with other employers in similar situations.

MEP’s are ideal for:

  • Smaller employers who don’t have the resources for retirement plan administration, regulatory compliance and investment expertise.
  • Providing large company retirement benefits for the small-business market.
  • Providing better investment performance and lower costs than a single employer plan.