Document Maintenance Service

All tax-qualified retirement plans are required by the IRS to have a written plan document. In the case of a pre-approved plan such as those FRC utilizes, the IRS has already reviewed its features and determined that it meets the requirements for tax qualification. As a result, we can provide our clients with a lower cost plan document and quicker implementation than offered through a custom drafted plan.

But there is still work to do to remain compliant after the initial document is completed and our unique Document Management Service can help reduce your time and cost to do so. 

What is a Remedial Amendment Cycle?

  • Required every 6 years for pre-approved plan documents
  • Incorporate and reflect all regulatory and employer requested changes (a restatement)

Is Restatement Required?

  • Technically no
  • However, restatement guarantees plan protection from inadvertent non-compliant provisions
  • Saves from potential loss of tax benefits for employers and participants

Our Document Management Services include:

  • Tracking all IRS regulatory and employer requested changes through constant vigilance
  • Managing the cost over the entire cycle versus a one-time large fee
  • Keeping your retirement plan in compliance

FRC offers DEDICATION. DELIVERED! through our Document Maintenance Service.