Plan Design

Our 50 years of experience serving plan advisors and plan sponsors has given us the deep understanding needed to manage the intricacies of building the best retirement program to help our clients achieve their goals. We are here to help you navigate what can be a complex, frequently changing and demanding path.

Because no two businesses are the same.

We offer virtually every type of benefit plan currently available. To help chose the right plan for you, we will analyze your objectives and design a plan that will meet them. And we’ll make sure you understand your options throughout the process.

While getting the initial plan design right is critical, it is equally important to ensure your plan meets the evolving needs of your growing business. At FRC, we make a point to be available to you on an ongoing basis as well as contact you at least once a year to discuss with you your business and how your retirement plan is supporting your changing business and workforce. We’ll suggest and implement changes to your plan as your needs and goals change—never losing sight of our mutual goal—ensuring your plan works for you and your employees over the long haul. 

Though every business is unique and every good retirement plan must reflect the needs and objectives of the sponsoring employer.

It is also true that all plans share some similarities, some key components that help each plan operate properly and efficiently. These components include plan documents, recordkeeping activities, investment advice, plan compliance and ongoing consulting. While FRC does not provide recordkeeping or investment advisory services, we will work with our advisor partners or your existing provider to help create a comprehensive retirement plan solution.

In short, we don’t presume advisors or plan sponsors know everything about retirement plans―and we don’t expect them to. You can simplify your role in the retirement plan administration process by taking advantage of our expertise.

We invite you to benefit from the experience of our tested and trusted professionals.